Sunday, November 27, 2016

Take a trip back

Around 10 years ago, I proclaimed that "Digging is dead." We are nearing the end of 2016 and I may have been right. Well, digging as we knew it anyway. Still, there are a handful of committed faithfuls carrying the 🔥 all over the world. We salute you. What was once classified is now overexposed/commercialized. Extravagance. Greed. Waste. We see you. The best part about digging back in the day was the learning and sharing, connecting with people who knew more or about different things, even when it was on the hush hush tip or required some time and an open mind. We traded records like sacred scrolls that contained blueprints for better days, only made possible through the blood, sweat, and tears of the creators, our heroes, combined with our own open ears and senses. Respect. Revive. Getting into the zone. Listening more, and more. Mystery. We made beats too (and still do). Sample this! Recycling. The ability to breathe new life into the deflated, to celebrate diversity or experience a cultural exchange. But today, we have reached saturation levels. There is a scramble. So much desperation. Distance. Indulgence. Remember, not everything from the past is worthy of reappraisal. You can't fake taste or the time put in. We are still paying our dues. On the streets, in the woods, by a mountain, stream or lake. This is a joy. Music is only a part of the equation. Context. Stories. Politics. On the road, bridging generations and eras of technology all the while. Sharing the land. Even after all of these years, we're not done and will never play the game. The body of work speaks for itself. Making history from history. A labour of love. Living in the present. The manifesto is coming soon... Right now, it's just two artifacts on view. PEACE

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