Wednesday, June 10, 2015


*With the majority of their recorded output recently re-released on vinyl by Warp Records, I've been thinking about Broadcast a lot... Listening too! ; ) Comprised of vocalist Trish Keenan and bassist/multi-instrumentalist James Cargill (along w/ a cast of other players, especially in their earlier days), Broadcast were a special band. I count myself lucky to have seen them in Vancouver and Toronto during their Haha Sound and Tender Buttons-eras. The vibes still linger. Although the group were heavily inspired by the musical past, I feel that Broadcast were ahead of their time. With each album, they were getting better and better, but w/ the tragic passing of Keenan in 2011, we will never truly know how far they'd have been able to fly... If you've never heard of Broadcast before, def check them out. If you have, well, it's time to give them another spin. PEACE

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