Friday, June 19, 2015

Austin Psych Fest LEVITATON 2015 (Sipreano, 13th Floor Elevators warm up DJ set)

*In the moment and looking back, Austin Psych Fest (aka LEVITATION) 2015 was a total blast!@#$%!!! It was incredible to see Willie Thrasher (from Native North America (Vol. 1)) and Linda Saddleback perform as well as Sean Lennon's band The GOASTT and The Black Angels, who I feel are really coming into their own as the years go by. All time faves Primal Scream and the Jesus & Mary Chain were nothing to snicker at either ; ) Above is a snap of yer truly from the talented Lilly Elizabeth Creightmore, an extended member of the LEVITATION family... Despite the extremely windy weather conditions that dragged the needle right across a couple records earlier in the day (*BIG thanks to Al Lover, Darragh Skelton, and the stage crew for stabilizing the DJ set up), it was a TOTAL honour to spin vinyl all day in between the acts on the festival's main stage, ESPECIALLY before the MIND BLOWING reunion of the original 13th Floor Elevators!@#$%!!! I remember playing "Peruvian Dream (Part 2)" by Willie Dunn (featuring Jerry Saddleback) in its entirety before hand as a reminder of where we were standing and it was one of the most powerful experiences w/ music that I've had... It was dark by then and there were 10,000 audience members eagerly waiting in anticipation for the Roky and the Elevators to hit the stage, a perfect time to go D-E-E-P... Needless to say, the mood was electric and the vibes were intense. Part of me wanted to mix out of Dunn's track a lil' early into my next record, a classic Bo Diddley 7", but I felt that it was very important to ride it out to the very end. Dancing and feeling possessed, I'm glad that I did : ) This is spiritual music of the highest form... HOLY!!! I wonder what all of the people thought of the song and its heavy pow wow beat and chant. I hope that Dunn could feel the vibrations from his resting place (and that Jerry could too). RIP Willie!!! So here's to next year's festivities, may LEVITATION continue to rock and roll in the finest of style... Keep pushing my friends (and thanks for the opportunity to share some of my most cherished music w/ good people from around the world)!!!! PEACE

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