Friday, August 29, 2014

toronto (still) rocks!@#$%!!!

yo, sup!!! it's sipreano... um, duh!!!
i just spent the last two weeks in toronto, ontario, canada's L-A-R-G-E-S-T city!!!
it was two years since my last visit and it was fun to return to the land of my birth so close to my 40th (*thanks mom and dad)...
despite visiting old friends, old restaurants, and even a quick stop at my childhood home for a moment of reflection, this trip was brimming w/ the feeling of now!!! toronto definitely has a different pulse than vancouver and it was thrilling to be caught up in its energy and to actively participate and engage w/ it.

i'm gonna write more about this trip and post some pics soon, but first, a video...

*it's not unusual for me to be late to a party, but i wanna send a BIG shout out cratery's kaewonder who got me fully hooked on the sounds of toronto-based BADBADNOTGOOD while out east... jazz cigarettes, 1 speaker, and 2 LPs of mind-bending tracks was all it took. after a trip to the legendary kops records (and another to the equally legendary play de record, more on that one later), i was fully down for the crown... SORTED and SUPPORTED, it feels right!@#$%!!! PEACE

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