Friday, August 1, 2014

straight to the hype machine's head

My archival and reissue work with Light in the Attic Records comes from a deep love and respect of music and music makers from the analogue era. It bridges generations, cultures, and eras of technology in the process. I travel this country (and beyond) in search of inspiration. I talk and connect with people of all backgrounds and have a strong desire to learn and experience new things. These interactions provide context and a better understanding of life, art, and history. Through this effort (and the support of many), once regional and long forgotten sounds can now reach around the globe. Music this good simply can't rest forever. It must be heard, preserved, and offered to the world. It is a total honour for me to compile such projects. I put my heart and soul into them. So let the music play on... Let the stories be told... We'll create new ones through this journey and let our love be known. #JamaicaToToronto #WayneMcGhie #Sipreano #LightInTheAtticRecords #LetItBeKnown 

*BIG thanks to Birdapres, LITA, and Vincent Cook for hand-crafting the JA/TDOT box many moons ago... PEACE

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