Saturday, June 29, 2013


*i hope it's obvious to any readers of this blog, but "my canada" includes people from all backgrounds, cultures, and persuasions (aka the wonderful folks who make up this great country, except for "those" people, and for a day, we'll forget about them...). from our aboriginal population to the various immigrants and settlers who have made canada their home over the years, it is clearly a land of much diversity and depth, something i cherish dearly. one thing our various cultures share in common is MUSIC and it's been a great passion of mine to learn more about this eclectic breadth of sounds. from country to folk, reggae to pop, jazz, soul, rock and roll, and beyond, the output (and quest to find them) is E-N-D-L-E-S-S... this coming monday (july 1st), the stunt man and i will share a special hand-picked selection of canadian 7" vinyl singles for your listening pleasure. the hitch??? you have to make your way down to save on meats (43 w. hastings street) in vancouver, B.C.!@#$%!!! and while this night is sponsored by stiegl, you may catch this player sipping on something a little more suited to such a special day!@#$%!!! what do you think, should i finally crack the seal on that bottle of schramm organic gin!@#$%???

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