Friday, March 15, 2013

VivaVinilo D.F.

VivaVinilo DF is a sonic gathering of musicians - researchers - selectors and djs who had dug deep into the roots of recording music made in the americas in the specific form of seven inch 45 rpm records. VivaVinilo DF is taking place for the first time in the heart of México City this saturday march 16th and 17th, inside a neo gothic church from late ninetieth century.

In this first edition we will pay tribute to the great Lalo Duarte, a survivor of the sixties local underground music scene who was heavy censored after the Avandaro Festival, the mexican Woodstock, happened in september, 1971. His songs were censored by the goverment and he had to quit the music scene since then. he was also the first one who did Jamaican toasting style here, with his much celebrated version of Dave and Ansell Collins "Double Barrel"

After Lalo´s homage we will have all-45´s sets by local host Tropicaza, Carlos Reinoso from Chile (La noche de los discos vivientes), Colombian head of Frente Cumbiero and OndaTrópica´s Mario Galeano, marvellous Brittish all-around gentleman Will Holland aka Quantic, Keith Scott all the way from Kingston, spinning his unique acetates he cutted during his time as the soundman behind ska & rocksteady classic labels Merritone and Federal,  and last but not least straight from Japan the great Tommy Far-East, from Rock-a-Shacka records fame, top jamaican music dj and collector.

This will happen on March 16th on Museo Britanico-Americano de México. Next day, same place  we will have a talk with al the djs involved about their work and the importance of music archaeology.

here, the blog with updated info and directions.

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