Tuesday, March 12, 2013

thoughts + words = thoughts + words

it's raining, it's (f#cking) pouring, this old man is (almost) snoring...
i heart brackets!!!
the eye spy game (REWIND!@#$%!!!): i spy w/ my little eye, a "tuxedo junction" LP...
bird got the text up and running again. broadcasting from a 1970s regina hotel bar.
toque in the flight case lid
i choose tap water
aquarius is still rising...
the creature from the black lagoon keeps staring deep into my eyes...
mentally profitable
rasta belts
the paradox of norval morrisseau
happy mondays on the fridge, the roses on my mind!@#$%!!!
ring fling sting ting (thanks AS!!!)
one exclusive cratery mix coming up!@#$%!!!
i am low, she is high. we are not touching.
a recipe from TJH: fish in crazy water
neil, eat more fish (filet???)...
eat what you want!!!
8:01 pm is 7 minutes away from 8:08 (state)
dishes done.
PEACE, i'm out!@#$%!!!

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