Thursday, December 1, 2011

the winds restaurant

November 21/04

The Winds Restaurant

Take the alley entrance
Nothing has changed
You are seated and disappear
Into the menu
Snacks are put on the table
Piece by piece the meal comes together
And is consumed… Steady and easy
Crisp fried noodles, jasmine tea, and sliced beef with seasonal vegetable soup
Are washed down with the falling Sunday sun
A campus is near
It's a still meal, filled with comforting home-style peace
There’s more tea
A fortune cookie offers a ripped fortune
“Prosperity is coming”
Around me, employees eat their late afternoon meal in advance of another evening’s work
The light is now dim, the Chinese horoscope placemats are for the taking

*The Winds Restaurant can be found at 59 Four Winds Drive, North York, Ontario. Phone: 416-736-4646

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