Saturday, December 31, 2011

it was a very good year

*top of the p(r)ops to kaewonder (cratery, toronto)!!!

ok, gonna spit some sh!t...

had BIG fun doing a best of 2010 list for light in the attic last year. looking back over 2011, i don't have the same list-crazy zeal. there were rewarding music projects (our lives are shaped by what we love: motown's mowest story 1971-73, beautiful rivers and mountains: the psychedelic rock sound of shin joong hyun 1958-74, kim jung mi-now), lots of DJ'ing (the waldorf hotel, blackberry festival, ANZA club, interurban gallery), trips (sunshine coast, interior B.C., calgary, winnipeg, toronto), but overall, i guess i'm simply stoked to be rolling into 2012 w/ good health, tight friends, and ever expanding family... looking forward to more love (wink, wink maj!), learning, hard work (super hype to see some upcoming LITA reissues come to fruition), and much fun!@#$%!!!

resolutions??? listen to more "classic" rock albums that i've yet to fully immerse myself in. records by black sabbath, pink floyd, soft machine, king crimson, etc...

the rest, i suppose, shall come from deep within... i know what must be done.

will report revelations, some progress, and of course, any finished work that's suitable for print...

this blog is a reflection of the soul of i, sipreano

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