Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the bay

october 3, 2011
the bay (paddlewheel restaurant)
winnipeg, manitoba

roast of the day w/ scalloped potatoes, carrots, peas, yorkshire pudding, gravy


  1. Love this! I used to go to The Bay restaurant with my Grandma all the time...I would always get soup.

  2. i had no intention to eat at the bay. bird had told me a few years back it was an epic building and i wanted to check it out. after surveying the main, i hopped on the old escalator up, up, and up to the top. floor 6. i was greeted by the beginnings of xmas decorating prep, proceeded past a plaster polar bear, and saw the "paddlewheel restaurant" in the distance, a real vintage piece if i ever saw one. yes, the kind of department store restaurant that doesn't really exist anymore, serving what i'll refer to here as the "last canadian dinner..." was checking out all the options when i saw a 60-something lady order a roast beef meal. though i had plans to eat pressure cooked fried chicken at the red top diner in a few hours, i couldn't resist the nostalgic opportunity at hand. i said, "i'll have what she's having" to the friendly server, paid, and sat down to chow down while soaking in the atmosphere and decor... so good!@#$%!!!

  3. looking pretty old-school! the yorkshire pudding looks dope...
    i think the bay restaurant in kelowna was called "the copper kettle", maybe it's still there...?