Sunday, May 29, 2011

magnetic haze LTD CD (WZRDRY records)

from out of the unknown and onto your stereo!!! i've been championing the music of kelly claude nairn and spencer ocampo for many moons... under the respective monikers of decaf and seekers international they've each created hours upon hours of left-field beat, dub, and atmospheric/environmental experimentation, original soundscapes that can take the listener to unheard dimensions. on may 7, 2011, the pair released their first commercial long-player collaboration on decaf's WZRDRY label (refer to 2004's "sedation" b/w "level C" 7" single). magnetic haze is available as a hand-crafted CD or for digital download. i highly encourage you to purchase a compact disc. they won't last long and the musical rewards are truly mind-expanding. this one's for the heads. below is a promotional blurb from decaf w/ all the necessary deets...

Magnetic Haze press release:
I'm very happy to announce this collaboration between my long time music making friends Seekers International aka Transmolecular. We went bananas with our tape echo units and other studio tools & techniques for this project. The result is an hour of relentlessly deep atmospheric exploration divided into four movements.
Available for digital download on a free/pay whatever you want basis at:

We also have put together a limited edition run of 50 hand stamped & numbered Cd copies. Cd cover artwork is also a collaboration between Wzrdry/Seekers. Contact for info on getting a copy mailed out to you.