Monday, May 30, 2011


yo folks, friends, and foes,
sipreano here. it's been a s(l)ick lil' run, but w/ nothing but good vibes, i'm freeing up my thursday nights after 2 more SIPREANO IN THE TIKI BAR sessions (june 2nd and 9th)...

also glad to report that they'll be some new weekly tiki bar nights w/ DJs nowhere near as good as me (duh!!! lol!!!), but ones who may be able to get the desired mix of numbers and substance... to quote some parka-wearing bloke in quadrophenia, "get in there my son..."

for those in need of a sipreano waldorf DJ fix, fear not, i will continue proudly w/ H.O.D. and TOUCHED BY THE HAND OF MOD on the 1st and 3rd fridays of the month respectively (and likely drop into the tiki bar from time to time no doubt)...

to those aforementioned folks, friends, and foes who just couldn't get it up to get out and check out my ever improving skills on the tech 1200's/bozak mixer combo, you have 2 more thursday night shots... to the faithful troopers (like the silo, jay g, dougie the mod, nancy, the one-and-only hot body, and co.), let's burn this night out in style!!!

and hey, there's finally a highball/beer drink special, so there ya go...

thinking back, maybe a lil' recap will set the mood:

for the last 6 months, i, sipreano have spun about 144 hours of music on original press vinyl 7"/LP/12" formats in the best hi-fi stereo bar in vancouver (w/ some fantastic bartenders and staff)... if i've done the math right (not likely), that's about 2,880 3-minute songs... DAMN!!! step to that...

the winter was long and to be honest, the room went from jam-packed busy to dead as a door nail on the odd unfortunate rainy night (bar the die hard bar set). i think this will change come summer, but apart from one 1-minute stretch where i played the sounds of silence to myself and the bartender after a faulty disco mix, it was nothing but TUNES... jazz, easy listening, soul, funk, reggae, psychedelic, garage, punk, post-punk, ska, nature sounds, bar rock, 80's pop, UK, mod, folk, disco, lounge, exotica, oddball, SSW, and so much more... from arthur lee to art snider, jackie mittoo to VIIth temple, and over to laid back and the special a.k.a.

highlights include a festive holiday edition soulcial reunion w/ kamandi, a riotous all thin lizzy st. patrick's day jam, random visits from some of NYC's finest (scotty hard and virus), multiple guest appearances from limbo (jay gundzik), dancing bear, the stunt man, psych night josh and killer all-vinyl sets by cesar banares, rodney graham and john collins...

there was also dancing, definitely drinking, and maybe even some other stuff, a great continuation of my musical education all-in-all...

thanks to thomas for making this swing, danny for being down, and pete for the link!!!

littered amongst the forgotten remnants of FB invites and past, present, and future promotional pomp, if you're still reading this, w/ 12 hours to blow, the party ain't over yet... i promise to give my best to YOU!!!

like the beans' 48-hour sugar refinery gig that i never went to, come and cheer me on for 2 more marathon 6-hour sets, help raise a toast, say f@ck it and wear sweatpants to a bar, hit a rock, watch it roll, go outside your comfort zone, dance for exercise, smoke something in the alley, get laid, bring a record for me to play, let me give you an on-the-fly DJ lesson, say "hello," whatever floats your boat...

spread the word or spread the butter. see you or see you not...

BIG love,


    TOP 5 END OF NIGHT TRACKS (in no particular order):

    1) Die Verboten - "Live In Eivissa" (12") (*BIG shouts to fergadelic!!!)
    2) Radha Krishna Temple - "Govinda" (LP track)
    3) Double "Captain Of Her Heart" (12")
    4) U Roy - "Rivers Of Babylon" (12") (*in lieu of a Boney M request from a bunch of rowdy birthday party dancers)
    5) The Colourfield - "Hammond Song" (LP track)

  2. There! No work on Friday to boot!