Sunday, December 10, 2017


It's only December 10th, but f' it, I'm starting 2018 now!!! Over the last few years, I've enjoyed writing detailed year-end recaps, but I think that I'll keep it fairly simple this go round... VIN, the blog, has been slowing its roll recently as I complete two long-standing projects for Light in the Attic Records: Creation Never Sleeps, Creation Never Dies: The Willie Dunn Anthology 1968-1984 and a long-overdue re-release of 2006's Jamaica to Toronto: Soul, Funk, and Reggae 1967-1974. Both projects are scheduled to drop in 2018 and will initiate a shift of energy from my freelance production and journalistic work w/ LITA, a collaboration that began with our Wayne McGhie & The Sounds of Joy reissue in 2004, into a new aura of cultural preservation, documentation, conception, and expression under the Voluntary In Nature umbrella, universal and cosmic in scope, but pro-artist and down to earth. Rest assured, I will continue to work w/ collaborators on projects that reach beyond finance, statistics, and algorithms, but w/ an intensified vision. The groundwork has already been laid (I wipe my brow and bow my head yet again). VIN is and will be a humble affair with a mandate to (continue to) learn and grow. To say much more would be premature, but rest assured that I am heeding my call of bridging and connecting cultures, generations, and eras of technology. To build, not to bite, and to help lift up those who have been down since day one. Together, we rise. Love, Sip

2017 life:

The Spell of the Yukon (*Thanks to everyone for making this special journey happen!@#$%!!!)
Yves Saint Laurent exhibit (*Inspiring)
DTES Annual Women's Memorial March (*Gentlemen, know your place)
John Angaiak Vancouver sessions
The Be In Rewind Walk
Ty's jeans
NNA Prime Minister reply and recognition
Japan Can Lido Jam (*Ichiro Goto #1)
Willie Thrasher & Linda Saddleback opening for Tanya Tagaq (*Willie/Linda tore the house down!!!)
Swimming '17 (*Give thanks!!!)
F%ck 150
Powell River Blanket Exercise
Kicking it w/ The Mighty Pope in Van
Hon's RIP (*It's ok...)
Vancouver Folk Festival (*Thank you Linda Tanaka and VFF)
Wayne McGhie RIP
Golden Ears
SappyFest12 (*BIG love to Steven Lambke and SappyFest!!!)
Glenn Copeland at SappyFest12
Native North America Gathering (*Thank you to the artists for making this grassroots event possible, national CBC broadcast in late January 2018)
Celebrating the life of Wayne McGhie  (*May your music play on!!!)
Tiffany Falls b/w Tiffany Falls
Eclipse glasses causing a commotion w/ the seniors set in Parkdale (*"You could charge money! You'd be rich!")
No Sound Like We (*Props Kamandi and crew)
Savary Island (*See pic above, sneaky JFF, love you)
Dad's 70th Birthday (*Love ya Dad!!! Great planning Trev!!!)
Gordon Dick Sr. Lifetime Achievement Award (*Keep on rocking!!!)
Drum gifting (*Thanks so much Gordie, you have touched the deepest part of my soul yet again)
RIDE birthday jam(s)
Paul Weller at the Commodore (and Nardwuar interview)
L.A. (work and) play
Gino Vannelli LIVE (*He's still got it!!!)
ISKCON lunches ($5 and lots to think about)
Playing JA records alongside George Barrett (*An honour)
Slow Vancouver reunion shows


Fiver - Audible Songs From Rockwood (2017)
RIDE - "Cali" (from Weather Diaries) (2017)
SeekersInternational - RaggaPreservationSociety EP (2016) on wax (2017)
Malcolm Jack live
NNA live
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada - Krsna Meditation (2 LP set) (1974)
The Sound - Shock of Daylight EP (1984)
Black Savage - "Kothbiro" 7" (1976)
George Harrison - "Brainwashed" (from Brainwashed) (2002)
Lacksley Castell - "Million Miles From Home" (from Jah Fire) (1980)
Gil Scott-Heron (*Always)
Willie Thrasher & Linda Saddleback - "The Sacred Fire Of Peace" (*Forthcoming...)

*The rest is a mystery... See you on the flip!!! PEACE

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