Saturday, June 17, 2017

Passing traffic

Today, I felt very MOR, which stands for "middle-of-the-road."
This term often refers to an outdated musical style popular in the 1970s or a related radio format, but earlier this afternoon, something compelled me to actually stand in the middle of the road.
Surveying the landscape, I decided to face west.
To my left, a stream of cars, bikes, and trucks cruised past...
On my right, a flow of vehicles sailed by...
I stood on top of a painted yellow line, holding my breath, and paused for a second.
I breathed in even more, exhaust and air combined, as much as my lungs could take.
Then I began to exhale, very slowly, much slower than the pace of the passing traffic.
I had nothing in my hands, nor was I seeking anything specific.
This is simply where I decided to position myself on another grey Vancouver day.

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