Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Be In

REWIND (The Be In, 50 years later): Anyone wanna walk to Ceperley Park tomorrow and talk about how, bar "advances" in science and technology (and waist lines), barely nothing has changed since (at least) the 1960s!? After a good five minutes of stretching, I will be heading down from Main and Broadway with a bottle of Vancouver tap water tucked away in my 1990s vintage Mountain Equipment Co-op backpack. Actually, in the spirit of the future, I'd like to walk past the initial site of The Be In (the aforementioned CP) and hit Third Beach to stare at the tankers (or are they just ships?). There will be no music per se (Country Joe & the Fish were in town for the first jam, 50 years ago), but on return (post ramen stop), we can sit in a circle and listen to my original Papa Bear's Medicine Show LP which I purchased from Neptoon Records for 600 Canadian dollars and keep in a safe-deposit box at an oil supporting bank (*Shit, I think that they're closed on Sunday, listening session postponed, but do drop in to Dandelion Records' DJ night at The Lido (518 E. Broadway) after 9 pm because they are sure to play some psychedelic artifacts on vinyl). As we all know, 50 years is a hell of a l-o-n-g time... Heck, I'm only 42!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and just typed 42 exclamation points if you can believe that!). TRUST me (No need to count ; ) I wasn't even AROUND in 1967 (well, as Sipreano at least), but I HAVE sat at the feet of OG hippies who carried that spirit until death and have learnt one very important thing: LOVE. LOVE! Well, LOVE it is then! Tomorrow. Lot's of LOVE! Noon. LOVE! Unceded Coast Salish Territory. LOVE. FREE. LOVE (Is that still a thing? Asking for a friend)! Main/Broadway meeting place (Um, sorry, NO love, especially that new condo "development" nearby). Bring your walking shoes or sandals (or forget footwear altogether!) Cell phones optional (though somebody SHOULD document this, right? Even if it's just me!) LOVE! PEACE


  1. 1968 Be In photo by Michael de Courcy

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