Tuesday, December 29, 2015

John Bradbury (aka Prince Rimshot, aka J.B.) RIP

F%CK, I really thought I was done w/ this year!@#$%!!! But can't let the loss of a very special hero of mine go w/o a very special post...

Thankfully, the world of music is filled w/ a wide and wonderful variety of players. Yesterday, we caught wind that true rock and roll legend Lemmy Kilmister broke on through to the other side. Still, even in today's digital age, it's only a handful of musicians that gain such international recognition for their blood, sweat, and tears. Well, drummer and multi-instrumentalist John Bradbury was another one of this rare breed, laying down the crucial beat for The Specials, The Special AKA, and J.B's Allstars. I first heard J.B's trademark rimshot on the B-side The Specials debut single "Gangsters," a self-titled instrumental credited to The Selecter (*hear below) which later spawned a full group of the same name. As a somewhat culturally isolated youth, the music of The Specials played a MASSIVE part of my teenage development in the 1990s, giving me a sense of identity and pride. I never stopped listening to their music as time pushed along, despite being saddened by the lack of respect between members of 2-Tone's signature band after reuniting w/ original vocalist Terry Hall in 2008. Even w/o founder Jerry Dammers (or toaster Neville Staples), The "Specials" put on one a hell of a show in Vancouver in March of 2013. In unity w/ the heavy, yet sympathetic sound of original Specials' bass man Horace Panter (and creating one of the baddest rhythm sections EVER!@#$%!!!),  J.B's beat hit as hard as a professional boxer and certainly got the Commodore moving and grooving just like the good old days... Word through the grapevine was that there would be more touring in 2016 so Bradbury's certainly comes from out of the blue to his fans. Thanks for putting a little more purpose into my step J.B. I'll carry that razor sharp rude boy attitude w/ me for the rest of my life and continue to help to share your musical message any which way I can... I send my best to your family, friends, and band mates. PEACE!!!

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