Friday, November 20, 2015

My Wildest Dreams

*The last couple of weeks have been intense and somewhat insane (in the best possible way)!@#$%!!! It was nice to hear this Moody Blues track at IKEA (could be found dancing down an aisle) while buying a salad spinner w/ Kamandi (sorry, no butter dish there TSM) and was VERY surprised to see Kamo pull this at Apollo Records about a half an hour later. Of course, like the good hommie he is, the record was passed my way. I was even able to return the kind favour my floating my old DJ spar a promo 12" of Men At Work's "Overkill" (Doug and the Slugs + The Police). No, I am not fucking around here (keep jerking off about yer $100+ "rarities" like the biggest drip, profits and prestige, fuck that)... Cheap 80's for days!!!

Highlights (possibly to be expounded on at a later date):

- Digging trip w/ Birdapres
- Bird mashes the Red Lion in Powell River
- The time was not right for that house call, it will work as is intended
- Nardwuar the Human Serviette Radio Show w/ Willie Thrasher and Sipreano
- Nardwuar ("To be continued...")
- Bobby Gillespie's boots (up close and personal at the QET)
- Kokanne beer can on Innes' amp set up
- LOVE-era Cult
- Macey's coat (and rad vibes)
- Blasts from the past (KDN : )
- Psychedelic casino soundscape
- RIDE twice as nice in Seattle and Vancouver!!
- Fosters
- Andy Bell's outfit in Vancouver (looking good man : ) like Sip some said in the audience. LOL...)
- Mexican food in Burlington
-Kamandi's free steel band record (*OMG all that generosity pays off, eh, thanks again my brother)
- Spirit Child record re-release party goes off the hook at the Lido
- Gordon Dick Sr. LIVE and DIRECT acoustic set
- Always dancing (AEM : )
- Kloochman Park re-tuning
- Homemade stab at Singapore Vermicelli (*will I ever get it right???)
- Sleep


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