Friday, October 2, 2015

Morning Glory

I remember buying What's the Story Morning Glory on vinyl at Odyssey Imports on Seymour Street the day it arrived in Vancouver. They were just closing up shop and we'd made it just in the nick of time... Later that evening, I took the 2-LP gatefold set to a pal's house in Kerrisdale and we listened to it from end-to-end, sitting in a big circle w/ about 9 other people. Smoke filled the air as we passed around something about the size of a ruler which burned. The album sounded so much different than Definitely Maybe. There was a maturity in Noel's songwriting (not in a bad way) and the dynamic drumming of Alan White made such a difference. Liam continued to kill it on the vocal front and Guigsy and Bonehead were rock solid as usual. It was 20 years ago today. I was 21. Exciting times. Thanks for the reminder Creation Records!!! PEACE

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