Monday, May 4, 2015

Peg poem

After the moment has passed, I think of other concrete streets, ones with less dust.
Still, as I walk alone in the afternoon sun, I feel a special kind of warmth that I've never experienced anyplace else.
Peg is short for Winnipeg. It's also a song by Becker and Fagen. Jazz-rock pop sampled into rap. In 2015, is it still possible for OG bars to morph into something so fresh?
And while there's no Steely Dan to be heard, I can't stop thinking about the dirty work ahead.
What would happen to me if I lived in Peg?
After years of trying my best, would I stand tall like that other Peg tune or would I be left alone to eat my shoe?
Born to the east, how long will I pray to the west?
Only the Jga Jga knows and the Jga Jga is not speaking.
Until the sun goes down.
Stop and listen friends, with your ears to the ground.
Or simply look a-r-o-u-n-d.

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