Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Remo Four

I first came across the Remo Four in the mid-1990s during my 6-year spell at HMV #852 in Coquitlam Centre. It may have been through their connection to George Harrison and his 1968 Wonderwall Music soundtrack (which they played on) or through a back issue of Record Collector or MOJO magazine or maybe even a regular customer named Rolf who owned a record store in Germany back in the 1970s and hipped me to TONS of incredible music (and even dubbed Beat Club VHS tape compilations way before Youtube made such material accessible at one's fingertips, thanks again Rolf!!!). Any which way, the Remo Four resonated w/ me deeply back then as a young pseudo-mod and still do today as an old pseudo-hippie... Originally from Liverpool, the group were known for their live fortitude and found themselves tearing it up in Hamburg at the same Reeperbahn clubs as the Beatles and many other 1960s UK and American greats. They played tough jazz, R&B, and beat music with ultimate feeling and soul. Here's a couple vids to check the technique...

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