Thursday, February 5, 2015


Hello ROCK and ROLL fans!!!! 
I'd like to share a short excerpt from my Thin Lizzy liner notes...

"It took years of patronage, but in late 1999 the dealer finally invited me to his place. Arriving with a wallet full of cash and a surging case of nerves, I found myself inching up the steps of a dimly lit east Vancouver house, anxious to score. After a knock and quick hello, I was ushered inside and instantly put at ease. Looking around, I spotted a row of album covers towards the ceiling. On the wall to my left was a massive map of the world, straight-ahead, a vintage turntable, glowing tube amp, and large speakers hung by chains. The remaining perimeter was furnished with handmade wooden cabinets filled with my host’s most treasured possessions, hundreds of psychedelic LPs from around the globe. “Explore,” he said. 

Later that evening, I asked the dealer what his favourite album was. Pausing for inspiration, he walked over to a shelf beneath the record player, thumbed across to the “T” section, and pulled out an original British Decca label Thin Lizzy. I must admit I was somewhat perplexed. Here was this slightly built, musical encyclopedia of a man, with a deep seeded passion for the hippie folk side of underground sounds, putting what I perceived as a classic rock radio band on the stereo. “Whisky In The Jar,” “The Boys Are Back In Town,” and “Jailbreak” flashed through my head alongside forgotten 1980s memories of longhaired banger dudes dressed in bootleg Thin Lizzy rock tees and jumbo jean jacket patches. And then the needle dropped..."

*Ok, that's it for now (bar a little background): Ty Scammell of "For the Record" (RIP) was "the dealer," and the house mentioned is not too far from the VIN HQ. As for Thin Lizzy, they are, hands down, one of the best rock groups EVER!@#$%!!! Needless to say, it was a M-A-S-S-I-V-E honour to help make these crucial sides available again for vinyl lovers the world over and draft up some liners featuring interviews w/ founding members Eric Bell and Brian Downey. Thin Lizzy, Shades of a Blue Orphanage, and Vagabonds of the Western World represent a holy trinity if you will, the first three Lizzy LPs w/ the original power trio lineup of Phil, Eric, and Brian. These albums are powerful and sensitive, a rare and winning combination. I KNOW they will touch your soul as they have mine...


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