Monday, January 26, 2015

Isn't it a Pity (RIP Doug Randle)

*It's Doug Randle's birthday today and my thoughts are w/ his family and music. The loss of a loved one is something that we will all encounter at some point in our lives and it's good to accept it, however difficult, as a challenging part of life's journey. Unfortunately, my brother from another, Dane Goulet, just lost his mother, Patricia Chauncey (1953-2015), and there was a full and fitting tribute/gathering/art exhibit at the Chapel Arts facility over the weekend in her memory. Patricia was a trailblazer in human rights and social work in the downtown east side of Vancouver, raising awareness, for one, about the childhood poverty that exists in our inner city schools. She was also a mother, a partner, a friend to many, as well as an extremely talented artist. Though I didn't have the luck to get to know her, I was moved by the words and feelings shared at her service! It reminded me of what my good friend Carlos Icaza recently said about death from the Mexican perspective during a DJ set on Dublab radio: "For the Mexican culture, death is a celebration. Death is a time to remember the ones that left us, family and friends, and it's a party. It's party time because life it's a party and death must be a party too!" Thanks for the insight Carlos! I will heed those words... People and things are very easy to take for granted so please celebrate every moment and always remember what has come before... In LIFE and in DEATH!!! PEACE

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