Friday, January 31, 2014

if and only if

*if and only if is the latest jam from birdapres (along w/ co-conspirator and music man grejay), at this point, a cassette-only release... this is about to change soon!!! check yer local social networking site(s) for more information... any which way you press play, if you like to hear intelligent rappers rap or drums that crash and bash and or vintage synthesizers and recording equipment, do yourself a favour and check this out. it's bonkers!@#$%!!! sorta cracks me up though. there's so much hype and hysteria about certain rap artists smothering the internet. i KNOW that this release won't garner even a mere fraction of the talk about whatever it is that rap fans talk about these days (pharrell's latest hat??? does pharrell even rap???), but for those looking for something a little deeper, and a lot more rewarding (w/o catering to some corny ass throwback shit or holy hipster hoopla), if and only if might be your ticket to a new reality... PEACE

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