Sunday, October 13, 2013

sexcula screening (oct. 25)

man, i wanted to peep sexcula (a rare-as-fuck vancouver-shot film from the early 1970s) around the turn of the millennium so bad. NOBODY had this shit back then (or did they???). aficionados thought the flick was either lost for good or in some sort of celluloid purgatory waiting for a final shot at achieving full-fledged cult immortality!@#$%@!!! well, over a dozen years later, the latter it is. one of the most notorious underground canadian movies ever has recently been unearthed for the masses (are we ready???), available on DVD for all to see. looking at a series of screen captures from this budget looking flick (described by legendary website/resource canuxploitation as an "adult horror comedy"), can't say i'm too titillated (*flashbacks of the disappointing cannibal girls spring to mind). maybe some things are best left up to the imagination??? still, the chance to see a 16mm print of a one-time cinematic holy grail may be too tempting to pass up, even for this jaded hack. hmm... let me think about it. OK (FOR NOW)

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