Wednesday, April 24, 2013


50 eggs, 50 pancakes, 50 handshakes... 50 is a lot of anything.
50 episodes of cratery??? in this disposable digital age, a contemporary glimpse into the analogue era —and the elusive minds of living and breathing "crate diggers"—means a hell of a lot!@#$%!!! it also represents unity, signifies soul, and most certainly stands head and shoulders above the short-sighted mob of "party" rocking digital "DJs"  and "record" collectors who should have stuck w/ sports cards (um, anybody holding a ken wregget NHL rookie OPC???). before i go off on another rant, i can't forget that cratery also means GOOD TIMES!@#$%!!! aka, the answer to "what does it all mean?"
so here's the latest batch of jams, shared w/ love from toronto's finest: kaewonder, arcee, and DJ serious.
here's to another 50 my friends!!! these ears are listening!@#$%!!!

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