Friday, October 5, 2012

the stunt man wouldn't let me play NKOTB (quality control or cramping of style???)

*had a few beers w/ TSM last night at VIN HQ (always a pleasure)... feeling frisky, we hit the west end in search of PRIDE credit at OTIS music. todd's been running OTIS for many, many years (heads know 'sup) and tragically just got the boot from an unsympathetic building owner who has BIG plans (what's new vancouver!@#$%!!!) for the space (barf!@#$%!!!). any which way, OTIS is a legendary west end hub of culture and will be sorely missed (though keep your eyes PEELED for a new location before year's end). i'm gonna do another post on the store shortly, but in themean time, enjoy our post-dig tunes!@#$%!!! lil' bckgrnd: started this set by dipping into TSM's deep personal stash of 7"s and then over to some fresh OTIS acquisitions (GD??? yo!!!). def hit up todd/OTIS until the end of october. until then... PEACE



  2. TSM New Kids veto - it's CHINA CRISIS all over again

  3. they were HIS new kids records by the way!@#$%!!!