Tuesday, July 3, 2012

hot mixed pickles

well, i can hardly believe it... my mouth is salivating and my tongue is burning, the return of strub's hot mixed!@#$%!!! after a lengthy absence from local vancouver grocers (years in fact!!!), i finally broke down and placed a special order for the spicy pickles (w/ tomato and hot pepper ring slices) at the local main street IGA. this was a few months back and i'd yet to hear anything about their arrival, but a tip from ol' dancing bear revealed that yes, they'd finally hit the cooler (most strub's products require refrigeration, check out the hot dog/bacon section for their range of goodies). at approx $7.50 a jar, these cukes are not cheap, yet after my first briny bite, i instantly remembered why i love these tart treats so much (and why they're worth every penny!!!). right on strub's (and IGA for carrying them)!!! another happy ending at voluntary in nature.

PS - hope these continue to be stocked. fingers crossed. there's quite a few bottles available at IGA. try 'em out!!!


  1. happy to report that the local buy-low has restocked this item!!! great to see "hot mixed pickles" back in vancouver grocery stores after a long absence...