Wednesday, April 18, 2012


thanks to a new 7" reissue by victoria's supreme echo label, i am now a supreme twitch fan!@#$%!!! according to the single's extensive liner notes, penned by imprint owner jason flower, the group formed during the early 1970s in port coquitlam, british columbia, and gradually went through a series of line-up changes and stylistic shifts while laying down an incredible brand of powerful rock and roll. stronghold members ian (guitar, vocals), bernie (drums), and rick (bass, backup vocals) even painted their faces à la american shock maestro alice cooper and donned flash gear to bolster their increasingly mysterious and frightening heavy rock sound.

below is a link to twitch audio samples/information from our essential bastion of national sound heritage, the museum of canadian music.

the single itself can be purchased at talk's cheap in victoria (the snaps above are giant reproductions of original twitch photos installed in the shop's art gallery for a recent 7" release party!@#$%!!!) and better record stores worldwide (you know who you are!@#$%!!!)...

twitch are a perfect example of independent canadian hard rock.

seek them out!@#$%!!! apparently there's even more to come...

PS - don't forget to support your local!!!


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