Friday, March 9, 2012

cinemuerte 2001

here's a couple images from cinemuerte 2001 (um, over ten years ago!@#$%!!!), the sorely missed vancouver horror film festival. organized between 1999 and 2005 by movie maven kier-la janisse, it was a unique collective opportunity for genre fans to view celluloid obscurities on the BIG screen during a time when such flicks were much more difficult to track down than they are today via bittorrents, youtube, etc... kamandi and myself were extremely honoured to help out w/ background music at the pacific cinematheque gala opening that year and played a selection of oddball soundtracks, psych, and international sounds from our vinyl archives. sponsored by R&B brewing co., the festivities certainly got loose—the screenings themselves were more surreal—and janisse went to great lengths to bring in cult icon udo kier and director buddy giovinazzo as guests of honour. "nine days to corrupt your mind and assault your senses," read the program subhead, something that has yet to be duplicated in vancouver since cinemuerte's unfortunate departure...

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