Tuesday, February 21, 2012

points gray LP campaign

just wanted to give a heads up on an initiative to raise funds for a vinyl issue of point gray's acid folk opus, off shore. for the unaware, points gray was a short-lived vancouver, b.c.-based trio comprised of robert dayton, dan bejar, and julian lawrence. apart from a posthumous limited CD-R release which omitted the full track-listing, off shore has never seen the light of day. considering the future creative endeavors of the group's members (dan's destroyer and involvement with the new pornographers, robert and julian's july fourth toilet, not to forget mr. dayton's sorely missed canned hamm and current act, wet dirt), and most importantly, the distinctive nature of the material itself, we feel this is a key fragment of late 1990s west coast musical history that must be preserved and documented in a tangible fashion (so we may "drop the needle" so to speak). please watch the video above and read more about the project at the link below, both are very informative. we also humbly ask you to spread the good word and help make this once regional collaboration attain the global conscious it so rightly deserves...

BIG love,
points gray liner notes contributor



  1. i support this!
    is there a label yet???

  2. right on!!!! it'll be independently released on vinyl once/if the campaign goal is reached... throw down yer chips at http://www.indiegogo.com/PointsGray