Thursday, November 10, 2011


i've worked w/ tokyo-based clothing company sandinista/2step for over 10 years now, creating a handful of japan-only mix CDs, world-wide blends for the net, and general music consulting on a variety of sound/image related needs (in collaboration w/ graphic designer and sndnst guru, vincent cook)... starting w/ "super reggae & soul" (w/ deejay ryan lee) in the late-90s, the sounds have run the gamut from jamaican music (a formative inspiration for the label in terms of concept/branding), soul, rap, jazz, psychedelic folk/rock, canadian rarities, and original sample-based material to the vinyl 12" singles heard on CITY LIMITS (recorded november 7 at voluntary in nature HQ in vancouver). wanna give a BIG shout-out to the stunt man, who helped w/ mastering at his suite sound labs facility (also in vancouver). hope to share more of this lengthy partnership in future posts, but for now... kampai!!!


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