Monday, September 5, 2011

brain elevator

just got back from a week-long research trip in the canadian prairies w/ birdapres. rolling all over alberta and saskatchewan, it was rad to be able to visit a few new regions in the process. one early stop was a quick hang in eastend w/ bird's dad, artist stephen langton goulet. after a challenging three hour night time journey down jet black country roads (eerily enhanced by a lula cortes e ze ramalho soundtrack and families of deer hovering around us), it was very comforting to be greeted w/ open arms and a warm, home-cooked meal. what i didn't expect was a night's stay in the world's only "brain elevator," a creation/collaboration spearheaded by goulet after years of research and development. while there's a lot of numbers and geometry behind the shed-like structure (*that has phenomenal acoustics by the way), i can say that it's based (to scale) on the king and queen's chambers of the great pyramid of giza. though the original egyptian chambers were reputed to have special powers, the brain elevator, at the minimum, provided a magic resting place for the evening. thanks again stephen!

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  1. wild!
    sharpen your mind with pyramid power!

  2. hard to sharpen this stone, but i'm feeling much better...