Tuesday, February 1, 2011

history of dance

alright now, here we go. less than a week away from the debut history of dance party at the waldorf. both jason lev and myself are digging deep to bring you the best in sound dimensions. what to expect? well, i'll speak on behalf of my february 4th city limits discotheque DJ partners kamandi and the stunt man when i say that we'll be dropping everything from the clash to candido, loose ends to laid back and back again. there will be AM gold, funky reggae, groovy rock, 1960's soul, alternative classics, hard disco, boogie, and pop. and yes, we'll be lugging around crates of OG black vinyl 7"s/12"s/LPs to make this happening happen. no diss to computer DJs, but this is simply how we do... have always done... and will always do...  like the english beat, we "just can't stop it..." call us old-fashioned, but there's no turning back now. while i'm really tiring of incessant hollow promoting, we really need your support here. to turn the tides if you will. to show the the cookie cutter set how it's really done. now i know i'm not the only one who's bored of the lowest common denominator club nights that plague the majority of vancouver's booze and cruise establishments. and it's hella annoying to hear local DJs belly ache about how they don't even play music they like because that's what's expected of them to get paid. well, we're going far beyond that, bucking the trend, bringing back feeling into the mix, and expressing ourselves with love... so needless to say, bring your dancing shoes, good vibrations, and we'll do our humble best to help set your night right. ok, ok...
it's (almost) party time!!!

what: history of dance
when: friday, february 4, 2011
time: 10 pm-2 am
where: waldorf hotel (1489 east hastings street)

all the best,


    p.s. bring snacks for kamandi...

  2. lol... that took me a second, but yes!!! we need kamandi in TOP form that night...