Friday, December 17, 2010

future mystery

well, i don't really know how to accurately describe what you are (hopefully) about to witness, so i'll leave it quick fast. here's a handful of blogs from the crew known collectively as transmolecular. long-time hommies and makers of music for music's sake, they mostly let the sound (and visuals) do the talking. with a set aimed at and inspired by the cosmos, they KILLED vancouver's H.R. macmillan planetarium this past spring at planetarium 2010 and will hopefully rock the sunshine coast come summer 2011 if kamandi can get the right set up going. this is muzak for the heads, roots brethren, and sky-pilots. it's real rebel music with no posturing—spiritual sounds... take your time w/ these links and the rewards will be tremendous!!! dig deeper, and you never know what you may find...





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