Saturday, November 13, 2010

share the land

hello folks, 
my name is salmongang, a writer/producer/musician/DJ/artist currently based out of vancouver, B.C., canada. it's my honour to be here. the aim of this space is to organically share my passion for people, music, food, history, writing, geography, photography, architecture, and culture. though my view and outlook is global (and beyond!@#$%?!), the focus of VIN is primarily canada, the place i've called home for 36 years. if all goes according to plan, there will be regular posts featuring unique content – both contemporary and choice vintage material – music to hear, pictures to see, and words to read. fingers crossed, i'd like the posts to create a dialogue and inspire the viewers/audience to share their own unique interests. i feel that by doing this, we will come closer as brothers and sisters – always learning, constantly growing. feel free to contact me with any inquiries pertaining to my work... VOLUNTARY IN NATURE
the power, summer 2009 (photo by the stunt man)


  1. The realm of possibilities knows no bounds Sipreano. When is the post about BBQ pork going to happen?

  2. Pretty awesome that we both started a blog within days of each other... hope all is amazing out in BC!

  3. slowed down a likkle, but still running. the vision is strong. we don't stop!!!